Our economy is hitting tough times. Tourism is as low
as its been in decades. Construction is almost nil.
These two industries drive our economy with
a dollar that turns 26 times. Jobs must be a priority
in gearing up our economy.

We need to assist and enable people to go back to work so that we can begin to rebuild our economy… a sustainable economy.

Claire Kamalu Carroll

I am committed to creating job opportunities, resources, and job training, in addition to
modernizing and reforming our county’s civil service function and hiring.

Through improved department identification of procedures and skill requirements, effective
assessments of the skills job seekers possess, we can better identify and secure local
talent, and encourage these same practices in the private sector.

The Maui County offers many job opportunities. We need to get back to the Job Fairs that provided opportunities for employers as well as job applicants.

Modernizing our county’s processes for identifying and hiring talent will provide Maui a more sustainable, inclusive, and demand-driven labor force.

Let’s talk about Aloha.

Once, not long ago, Maui was leading the world in exquisite destinations ranking #1 for years – and always in the top 5.  We had and shared “Aloha” – and blended together as a strong community, a splendid diversity of cultures with a rich appreciation of each other.  Then something changed.  Nobody knows for sure what – but we all know that it just wasn’t the same. Where did we lose the “Aloha”?

Aloha is something that is given and received.  It is what made Hawaii famous and such a fascination worldwide. 

We haven’t lost it – we just need to re-stimulate our hearts and thank God we have the privilege to be here and share our “Aloha”. 

Where does that start?  It takes courageous leaders from the top down to make this a priority because “Aloha” affects our quality of life and we all want it maintained for our future generations.  Our society here can’t afford to lose our “Aloha”.

We need our “Aloha” to be given and received.  We need the tourists to bring “Aloha” with them which means we need to educate them before they get here so they honor and respect our aina, various cultures and the beautiful people that reside in Maui County. 

I will embrace an open dialogue with the tourism industry – to speak on behalf of the people and mend the issues by resolving the conflict – which stems from a lack of “Aloha” to and from our islands.

Paid for by Friends of Claire Carroll, PO Box 164, Hana, HI 96713. Copyright 2020.

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