We need to prepare for and protect the needs of our growing Kupuna population

For generations our families have taken care of our Kupuna.

Increasing life-expectancy is changing what the world looks like. It will increasingly be the challenge of governments to help people lead productive and fulfilled lives as they age. That means we need a focus in areas like housing and social care for those living to very old ages.

We learn from our Kupuna and they have the unique ability
to help guide our way as we learn from their history.

A great benefit, actually probably the greatest, of spending time
with our Kupuna is simply enjoying the time together. Their stories
are incredible. They can put reality into what we learn in school.

Enjoy the Kupuna stories. Appreciate what they went through. They
are usually only too happy to pass their hard-earned wisdom on to us.
If it makes the Kupuna in our lives happy to make us wiser,
maybe we should just let them!

Supporting investment in Senior Housing projects, fundraisers,
social programs, and providing financial assistance for those organizations
that play a vital role in our communities by being a sustainable resource
and fulfilling the needs of the Maui County, is what I am
passionately committed to making a priority.

I am Claire Kamalu Carroll from Hana, Maui, Hawaii and
I am running in the 2020 election for the Maui County Council
East Maui seat and I am humbly asking for
your vote on November 3rd.

We are shaped by our Kupuna. They help us to preserve our history and culture.

Paid for by Friends of Claire Carroll, PO Box 164, Hana, HI 96713. Copyright 2020.

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