Our Future

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.

Many political decisions that are made today will primarily influence future generations. This is especially true when it comes to the issues of sustainability and environmental protection.

We have discovered that stewardship and legacy concerns, for example, can guide how citizens express generosity to future generations.

What we don’t know enough about is how previous generations influence our current decisions.

Here’s why it matters: Many stories from our ancestors were designed to keep younger generations from repeating the mistakes of the past. But in an era where the closest we get to modern folktales are TED talks, are our future generations at risk of losing touch with the lessons of the past? We live at a faster pace than decades ago, leaving little time to discuss ancestry. Oral traditions risk being drowned out by informal digital communication such as texts or chats.

Researchers know that the intentions of past generations are important.

When we know that previous generations intended to behave generously, we are more likely to pay it forward and act generously to future generations.

In 2020, family health has now come to the forefront of our family life. Medical information is readily shared. But it cannot stop there. The opportunity to share family histories and heritage – and teach our children the trades of their ancestors is now, in order to preserve Our Future for future generations.

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